Nikon Coolpix P900 ultra zoom camera plus Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS

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Nikon Coolpix P900 prosumer camera. Image: hardwarezone.com.sg
If you need a digital camera with a super zoom capabilities, and also can be used to carry out the beauty of the night sky, it looks like the Nikon Coolpix P900 will be very suitable for you. Anyway, Coolpix P900 also features built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, and even built-in GPS and Points of Interest (POI) for creating amazing photo journals. With Wi-Fi you can share your photos to various social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter quickly and easily.

Nikon Coolpix P900 also tempt you to make a movie or a video clip with brilliant results, because the P900 can be used to record phenomenal Full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound. Connect to an HDTV and watch your videos come alive. It is certain, this compact camera is the best companion for holidays around the world, and you can easily send your photos to a variety of social media thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.
kamera prosumer, prosumer camera, Nikon Coolpix P900 specs, Nikon Coolpix P900 review, Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC, GPS, superzom, ultrazoom camera,
Nikon Coolpix P900. Image: ideaaustralia.com
Nikon Coolpix P900 is equipped with 16 megapixel Image sensor CMOS backlit: easy to get sharp images with incredible detail, even at night. The performance will be exceptional. The powerful optical zoom lens has a range from 24 mm to 2000 mm, extendable to 4000 mm with Dynamic End Zoom, to approach the world of nature in great detail in both still images in Full HD movies.

Nikon Coolpix P900 key specifications:

16MP CMOS Sensor
24-2000mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length
83x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR Lens
Vari-Angle TFT LCD Screen
Electronic Viewfinder
Dual Detect Optical VR
Full HD 1080/60p Video
Built-In Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS
Auto & Full Manual Exposure Control
166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, 332x Digi Zoom

Nikon Coolpix P900 also has a very attractive appearance, because at first glance very similar to a DSLR camera. You will be the center of attention when carrying this camera anywhere, and in any atmosphere whatsoever. With a 83x zoom range, the Nikon Coolpix P900 can be regarded as a mega-zoom camera, and the right is also regarded as a bridge camera in the category of prosumer cameras, the Coolpix P900 which is also very accurately described as a unique blend of a compact camera with a DSLR camera. You do not need to carry an extra lens, because you get all of the P900.

The photographers nature photography enthusiasts and night skies will be excited about the launch of the new Nikon COOLPIX P900, with an incredible 83x optical zoom that captures details not visible to the naked eye. The bright lens f / 2.8-f / 6.5 large caliber is able to ensure a crystalline high-resolution image definition even when used with the maximum magnification telephoto 2000 mm (equivalent to the 35 mm format). The Coolpix P900 also equipped with VR (vibration reduction) and optical double detection that ensures extremely effective blur reduction, equivalent to shoot with a shutter speed of 5 stop faster.

Don’t forget to maximize the GPS system on the Nikon Coolpix P900. The shooting locations are determined with absolute precision because the international satellite system GPS/GLONASS/QZSS built disclose rapid and detailed, anywhere in the world. You can now instantly share superb images thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi  and support NFC by pressing the Wi-Fi or with a simple tap on the camera compatible with NFC to connect it to a smart device such as smartphone, tablet PC or other smart device.
kamera prosumer, prosumer camera, Nikon Coolpix P900 specs, Nikon Coolpix P900 review, Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC, GPS, superzom, ultrazoom camera,
Nikon Coolpix P900. Image: en.nikon.ca
The Coolpix P900 adds a whole new level of performance of compact digital cameras, even greater detail, incredible zoom range, a flexible composition and an incredible lapse movie. With an optical zoom lens that reaches 2000 mm and Dynamic End Zoom that extends up to 4000 mm, you can bring directly in front of her distant subjects. 

The high-speed response allows you to never miss a moment of the action when shooting fast-moving subjects, while the VR (vibration reduction) optical double detection and with a shutter speed of 5 stops faster ensures crisp detail even when shooting freehand using the powerful telephoto lens.

Nikon Coolpix P900 was created for novice photographers, yet sophisticated cameras will also attract the attention of professional photographers to serve as a companion camera if they want a more relaxed. Actually, for advanced shooters, a PSAM mode dial is available right on top of the camera, much like a DSLR. Control the Coolpix P900's aperture and shutter speed to control your shots exactly as you want them or overcome difficult shooting situations. But you don't have to understand exposure controls to get great results the Nikon P900 can do all that work for you.