Olympus TG-835 tough camera for outdoor and extreme conditions

Olympus TG-835, Olympus Tough TG-835 review, water proof camera, underwater camera, GPS, compass, Full HD video,
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An adventurous or outdoor lovers, as well as travelers who are on vacation to places like mountains, beaches, jungles or other extreme places, then they need a tough digital camera. 

In keeping with today's technology, then the camera should also have a variety of interesting features, as well as zoom lens, can even be used to make a video, and creative features and can be used to share pictures easily. 

Apparently, Olympus can provide the right solution for you with a powerful camera, the Olympus Tough TG-835, which is the successor generation of Olympus TG series. The TG-835 is a fantastic underwater camera. 

The Olympus TG-835 has been specifically designed to withstand almost any situation: humidity, dust, extreme heat, cold, or shocks. This makes it ideal for all extreme activities: mountaineering, sailing skiing, snowboarding or climbing. However, the TG-835 is also very convenient to be used for everyday photography needs, because it is lightweight and small size, making it easy to carry anywhere. Olympus TG-835 is the right choice for the adventurous and those who love outdoor activities, but you need to weigh the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT4 or Ricoh-Pentax WG-4 GPS, which also has features similar to the TG-835.

If you are a diver or like snorkeling, then the Olympus TG-835 is the right choice for diving in various diving spots around the world such as in Bali, Raja Ampat or Great Barrier Reef.  The TG-835 has a revolutionary system sealing for you to take pictures at a depth of 10m. A robust housing with innovative technology shock absorber that protects the device from drops up to 2.1 m or weight of 100kg. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other winter fun, compact digital camera TG-835 is designed to withstand temperatures below freezing down to -10° C. With the rebust design, the camera is ready for outdoor adventure.

The Tough TG-835 is equipped with 5x optical zoom, however you can get closer to your subject with extra sharp details. The 5x optical zoom (28-140mm, 35mm equivalent) allows to get closer to your subject. You can also increase the 10x magnification with the super resolution zoom for even distant sharp detail. The 28mm wide-angle lens lets you zoom out for group photos. With the TruePic V processor sets quickly getting your camera and quickly performs a focus. It has taken high-speed continuous view and videos, which you can read at idle.

Enjoy the Multi Recording Function, so you can take video and take pictures simultaneously. Do you want to film and take photos at the same time? The Integrated Multi-Recording function of the TG-835 allows you to capture high quality wonderful moments through photos 16 megapixels and Full HD 1080 videos. This camera also equipped with Hyper Crystal LCD, so with HyperCrystal technology reflects external light for a perfect display of images and videos even in bright sunlight.

With this water proof camera you will always get beautiful shots, day or night and fabulous brightness regardless of shooting conditions. A combination of advanced technologies Olympus (TruePic VI and the backlit CMOS sensor) provide better image quality with less noise for improved image detail, especially in dark areas. The TG-835 also has Smart Panorama feature, so you can save breathtaking panoramas in a frame and with just a touch.

Do not forget to use the 11 Art Filters to create wonderful pictures. This camera bring an artistic touch to your photos and videos. Besides the quality Full HD 30p / 60i, high-speed shooting capabilities now allow to capture fast moving objects with an image precision image of 120 frames / second in HD and even 240 frames / second HVGA. You can even make film what is invisible to the human eye and play it in slow motion on a large Full HD screen. Don’t forget to use “Photo with video” mode, because this feature captures a few seconds of video before and after pictures, very fun to watch.
Olympus TG-835, Olympus Tough TG-835 review, water proof camera, underwater camera, GPS, compass, Full HD video,
Olympus TG-835. Image: news.softpedia.com

The Olympus TG-835 also great for night photography, because this camera is equipped with Night Scene mode. This function takes several images at different exposures, and then selects the best for perfectly exposed pictures every time. Please note that this camera also has a Super Resolution 10x Zoom. Unlike traditional digital zoom, incredible this goal solving abilities multiplied by two power optical zoom without losing accuracy and sharpness.

To facilitate outdoor activities, the TG-835 is equipped with GPS and Compass. So, activate and set your location your orientation, wherever you are. Olympus have three sensors to record the direction pointed by the camera, even when turned off. They display more than 700 000 points of interest nearby.

Once you are satisfied photograph every precious moment, then you can share your photos with a unique feature, Flash Air, so you can share your photos online. With FlashAir™ option board you can wirelessly transfer photos and videos directly from your TG-835 to your social networks - wherever you are. In addition to his hand fighter, the objective mighty big angle TG-835 allows you to zoom in the heart of the action, take photos and breathtaking videos. To share your photos or videos via the web, just by connecting a card FlashAir™ and your smartphone or tablet.