HTC Nexus 8 ready to tempt the gadget geeks

HTC, HTC Nexus 8, Android L, NFC, GPS, Tegra processor, new nexus tablet, new HTC tablet, gadget geeks
Design of HTC Nexus 8 with Android L, the latest processor. Image: androidheadlines.com
Whether you are a gadget enthusiast, or tablet fans who always want to get the advanced features? 

Now you can expect there will be a surprise from Taiwan, which is tablet that will be launched by the illustrious manufacturer, HTC. Will you also be tempted with this new tablet? Let's look at the information below, although it is still necessary official information from HTC itself, but can be used as advance information for comparison with similar products. 

Smartphone and tablet market competition becomes more intense, because many new stars to emerge as Oppo Find 7, Xiaomi Mi 3 and some other brands such as ZTE Nubia Z5s, or Huawei Ascend P7 is now a serious threat to the well-known brands such as Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 or premium of the Sony Xperia series, as well as the HTC smartphone manufactured by reputed companies of Taiwan . HTC seems to not want to get crushed by a sales turnover of the newcomers, as well as the brand that has been solidly in the market. Therefore, HTC has finally unveiled the HTC Nexus 8.

Are you curious? Let's see the specifications together.

According to news from GforGames, HTC tablet with the model "0P8210000" which allegedly is Nexus 8 has just received FCC certification Korea. Here's the specs HTC Nexus 8 based on the data leaked FCC Korea. HTC's latest tablet reinforced with 64-bit Tegra processor and 4GB of RAM. New challenger tablet is also equipped with a front camera 1,6MP, and an 8MP rear camera with LED flash. HTC is known for a smartphone that has the capability capable camera like the Nokia Lumia series, so HTC are confident to complete this tablet with an 8MP rear camera only, in contrast with the Lenovo K920 smartphone enthusiast who seduce with a 16MP rear camera.

For connectivity, the HTC Nexus 8 is reported to have support for NFC and GPS. That is not less interesting, HTC Nexus 8 reported runs on the latest Android operating system L. Perhaps the latest Android operating system is the best effort that can be done HTC, which is to draw the attention of the "traditional users" tablets, especially the iPad or Samsung fans. If so, then the HTC Nexus 8 is expected to carry the better specs than the Nexus 7.
HTC, HTC Nexus 8, Android L, NFC, GPS, Tegra processor, new nexus tablet, new HTC tablet, gadget geeks
HTC Nexus 8 concept. Image: news.softpedia.com
Perhaps you will be curious about the shape and physical appearance of the HTC Nexus 8, but most likely if the Nexus 8 will be a premium device by HTC, then his performance will exceed the Nexus 7 of tablets. Rumored that the HTC Nexus 8 tablets is armed with the latest processor, Android L, you'll see later with 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 2560x1600, so you will enjoy a comfortable screen, and brilliant.

Is HTC's latest product will be able to face a great battle, which is to beat the champ of tablets or smartphone? Meanwhile, Asus, HP and Acer has also been prepared to show a wide range of advanced of tablets with various attractive features. Looks like HTC must have a unique strategy to persuade the gadget, not only in the United States, but also in Asian countries other than Taiwan, such as Indonesia, China, Singapore and Japan. Is HTC will also sell the HTC Nexus 8 at attractive prices as products manufactured by the new factories in China? Let's we are waiting for official word from HTC in the near future.