Reasons to choose a full-frame camera

Nikon D800E, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Full frame camera, canon full frame, nikon full frame, Canon VS Nikon, third party lens,
A hot girl with Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Image: blog.kareldonk.com
Do you have plans to buy a full-frame camera? 

You must have known that with all the sophistication of the camera lens and the ability to produce full-frame photographs sharper in low light conditions, you are a novice photographer will probably buy it because the delay for this type of camera is much more expensive than a regular DSLR cameras. But you need to have a strong dream to get this camera, and you can definitely realize your dreams.

Nikon D800E, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Full frame camera, canon full frame, nikon full frame, Canon VS Nikon, third party lens,
A sexy girl with Nikon D800E. Image: flickr.com
Before you realize your big dreams, then you can get information on a full-frame camera so that you will be more familiar. Some of the reasons why professional photographers prefer a full-frame camera for their photography activities:

Without crop factor. The main enemy of the wide-angle lens is a crop factor of the sensor, so it should have a very wide lens at 18mm, it will turn into a 28mm when mounted on a DSLR camera is amazing. Crop factor might be a friend of a telephoto lens, but for the wide lens manufacturers have to think extra hard to make a fixed wide-angle lens wide- when exposed to the crop factor.

A cleaner noise at high ISO. Although regular DSLR cameras are also able to give a good image results in high ISO, but not without noise. For comparison in the class Nikon DX, Nikon D40, for example the lowest grade and the highest castes such as the Nikon D300, which both use the same sensor size, so the high ISO noise case would be the same. It could be at high ISO, the D300 uses noise reduction approach is better, so that the images appear to be cleaner than the D40. You can see a similar comparison in DSLR cameras manufactured by Canon.

Full-frame camera has better dynamic range. With the larger sensor size, pixel density, and the pixel size was definitely getting bigger, so the sensor's ability to capture the light, the better. Full frame sensor camera can avoid the possibility of blown highlights or dark shadows. To keep the dynamic range while high contrast, then a professional photographer require full frame DSLR.
Nikon D800E, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Full frame camera, canon full frame, nikon full frame, Canon VS Nikon, third party lens,
Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Image: engadget.com
 Extra large viewfinder. Imagine doing manual focus if wearing a small and narrow viewfinder, then you will be frustrated and tired. Full frame DSLR camera comes with a large viewfinder, then you will be comfortable when targeting an object or subject of your photo.

There is a cautionary note for you before you make sure to buy a full-frame camera, not all types of lenses can be paired with a full-frame camera, but the full-frame lenses you can use on a regular DSLR cameras. However, you should check more carefully about the compatibility of each lens before you buy a new lens for your camera.

The special feature is the full-frame camera because the camera has a full frame sensor measuring 36 x 24mm, which a gauge the film in the era of analog cameras, or film camera. In the digital era, many camera manufacturers are developing image sensors are smaller, with the goal in order to make the camera in a variety of forms, and a more attractive price variations.

The technology on a smaller sensor camera than a full frame, the better and is now growing rapidly. For example, with the advent of the APS-C sensor (23 x 16mm) or four thirds (17.3 x 13mm), which is widely used DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras are sold at varying prices, from the most expensive prices until at affordable prices for various user segments.

Nikon D800E, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Full frame camera, canon full frame, nikon full frame, Canon VS Nikon, third party lens,
Nikon D800E. Image: anscharius.net

It is true, the quality of images with a large sensor produces images with better quality. But the large sensor size also makes the physical size of the camera menjdi more Besa, and of course heavier than a regular DSLR cameras. For that you also need to prepare lenses in large size. As a result, so the price of the camera is also to be so high. 

Usually the price of a full frame camera above US$ 1.300, there is even a full frame camera should you pay a price in excess of US$ 4.500, and you must buy additional lenses at prices too expensive, but you can buy third party lenses manufactured by Tokina, Tamron, Sigma Samyang or famous for high quality, but they can buy a lens with a more affordable price, rather than the original lens made ​​by Canon and Nikon. Therefore the true proverb "man behind the gun", that a photograph be great because the photographer is also qualified.

Larger dimensions on the camera full-fame would be more profitable because the cross section for capturing a greater light, especially when shooting in darker light conditions with the high ISO size, then you will get a better photo results.

Now you can get a full-frame camera with deep of field better, as well as increasingly sophisticated sensor technology. You find them on the sophistication D800E Nikon or Canon 5D Mark III. Nikon D800E has a 36 MP image resolution, and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III reinforced with 22.3 MP. Both of these cameras have a high-performance, and the images are very good, too sharp though if you use them at a high ISO.

It is true that full-frame cameras like the Nikon D800E or Canon EOS 5D Mark III is very expensive, but you can still buy quality full-frame camera such as the Nikon D610 or the other. Perhaps D610 is a realistic choice at an affordable price, but you can compensate by investing in third party lenses like Sigma lenses, Tamron, or Tokina, so you will always be able to make creative pictures with high quality and brilliant.