Comparison of megapixel technology and ultrapixel on the HTC One M8

Megapixel vs. Ultra pixel on smartphones. HTC One M8 introduce Ultrapixel Duo Camera. 

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New HTC One M8 with ultrapixel camera. Image: techradar.com
When you buy a new smartphone, you definitely will see in detail the various features and specifications of a smartphone that you'll use every day. In addition to the speed of the processor, the price factor, the camera is an important feature of a smartphone today. 

This trend was realized many smartphone manufacturers , and we know how the Nokia Lumia 1020 has become a new phenomenon, that a smartphone can produce sharp pictures and approaching the quality of a DSLR camera or mirrorless cameras.

Now you can easily choose a smartphone with a minimum resolution of 5 megapixel camera , so you can make the photographs that have better image density, and very nice when you print or publish in social media or in HD television. However, HTC took a different step in terms of camera features; instead choosing megapixel technology turns the HTC but chose ultra-pixel for their smartphones. The candidate must have confused consumers especially visible pixel number is smaller than the size of the megapixel on other smartphones. Consumers may be hesitant with the sharpness of the photo ultra pixel technology, when compared to megapixel technology has been commonplace that we encounter on a digital camera or smartphone.

Do you also feel free to choose a smartphone that has an ultra pixel camera? HTC answer that question by consistently making ultrapixel smarpthone with camera features. In its flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8 technology brings more or less the same as the previous edition HTC Ultrapixel. This technology relies on a large pixel size with an effort to obtain a sharper image quality when shooting in poor lighting condition.

When compared with its competitors, namely the Nokia Lumia 1020, the quality of the resulting image is still lower level because of the size of the image sensor Nokia phones still are 1 inch bigger than 1/3 inch. HTC M8 camera quality is more or less the same class with the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has a 1/2.6 inch sensor size, and iPhone 1/3 inch. If you look at the results of the photos of the smartphone on a computer screen, then by naked eye a little too hard to be distinguished. Perhaps after you print with good quality photo paper, then the difference can be more clearly visible. However , with the advanced technology in image editing software, then we can correct any defect, could even be increased sharpness or saturation.

Although not the best in terms of camera, HTC has a secret weapon, the secondary lens. The extra lens is not mean HTC is able to record 3D images, but the secondary lens is intended to measure the distance/depth. With the addition of this lens, autofocus speed becomes faster than its predecessor the camera, about 300 milli seconds. Even more important is to have two lenses, it is possible to select the focus area after the photo was taken.

The distance information that recorded by the second lens, making editing / image processing becomes more attractive. For example, you will be easier to edit only certain parts of the image, such as only background or photograph any subject. HTC camera software is also improved, for serious camera users, manual control is possible, which is where you will be able to change a lot of settings like advanced compact cameras, among others, WB (White Balance), Exposure compensation, shutter speed, and ISO.

Interestingly we can save the settings manually in the preset. So that we can call the preset time of need. Unfortunately there are enough important features omitted, namely Optical image stabilization (OIS) to help dampen vibration when shooting hand in unfavorable light conditions, especially in low light conditions or dimly lit.
HTC One M8, Ultrapixel duo camera, new android smartphone, ultrapixel vs megapixel camera, HTC One vs iPhone, Android KitKat,
                                     HTC One M8 with Ultrapixel Duo Camera. Image: highlightpress.com

The image resolution and sensor size is not increased, so the quality of the images produced approximately the same as the previous generation cameras. This is because HTC over two lens technologies emphasize this. This technology takes up less space so that there is no more space to accommodate OIS and larger image sensors. One of the most  interesting features is Duo Camera. Using the new HTC One M8 the main Ultrapixel camera takes photos in the normal way, but a second sensor captures depth information.

In addition Ultrapixel Duo camera on the back of the camera, there is also a camera on the front to take pictures selfie (self) or video conferencing. Ironically, it turns out this camera actually has a greater image resolution of 5 MP, and can record 1080p video (full HD). Selfie mode was also added to facilitate the self portrait photograph with an optimal, so that you can perform in social media at all times.

You will enjoy HTC One M8 display with density of 441ppi while the contrast ratio and viewing angles are better; plus Android KitKat. The New HTC One M8 has 16GB of internal storage but now comes with a microSD card slot which can accept up to 128GB cards. The phone also comes with 65GB of free Google Drive cloud storage plus Wi-Fi.

In the midst of a very competitive market competition, every smartphone manufacturer must have a special flagship technology, and HTC took the bold step to continue to rely Ultrapixel and add a secondary lens, but HTC and anyone who has found or developed technology should make this ultrapixel camera features ultrapixel the more perfect, so that could be a trend and become the top choice of the gadget and smartphones around the world, let alone Nokia has launched Lumia 1820 with particular improvements in its camera features, as well as other famous brands such as Oppo, Sony or iPhone will definitely always be innovative and creative, in order to win the competition.