Canon EOS M-2 a small mirrorless camera

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Canon EOS M2 available in four colorsImage: canonwatch.com
Canon was the last of the major manufacturers to introduce a mirrorless model, late of the Panasonic and Olympus, and finally launched the Canon EOS M, and now you can see the newer series, the Canon EOS M-2. Canon definitely wants to win the hearts of the enthusiast mirrorless camera. Canon EOS M2 has the new ILC that promises auto-focus speeds over 2.3 times faster than the EOS M. The EOS M2 is roughly 8 percent smaller than its ancestor, at 104.9 x 65.2 x 31.6 mm (4.1 x 2.6 x 1.2 in), and tips the scales at a body only weight of 238 g (8.4 oz).

Canon EOS M2 features Hybrid CMOS AF II; the sensor is same as Canon SL1 / EOS 100D DSLR. This camera equipped with video engine DIGIC 5 and CMOS sensor APS-C size of about 18 million pixels, and has realized the continuous shooting performance of about 4.6 frames / second highest image quality and large-sized sensor only.

Canon EOS M2 major specifications:

  • 18-Mp APS-C format CMOS sensor
  •  Image processing engine DIGIC5
  •  Continuous shooting 4.6 frames / second
  •  Advanced Hybrid AF System
  •  Built-In Wi-Fi
  •  4.6 fps burst mode with continuous AF
  •  3.0-inch 1.04 k-Dots LCD
  •  ISO sensitivity up to ISO12800 (ISO25600 extended)
  •  Full HD 1080 video capture at 30/25/24 fps
  •  Video Servo AF

The Canon EOS M2 looks set to answer that particular issue. Aside from the sensor and Wi-Fi, the changes compared to the EOS M appear to be very subtle. The mode dial has been redesigned, with a separate position for the P/Av/Tv/M 'Creative' mode group, and the camera is slightly smaller in volume (by 8%). Canon EOS M2 has an 18 megapixel APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) CMOS sensor and the company's Digic 5 14-bit image processor.

There are a couple of changes to movies - Canon's 3x-10 digital zoom makes a welcome reappearance, and the stereo microphones have moved to the front of the camera. Continuous shooting speed has also slightly increased, to 4.6 fps compared to 4.3 fps. You can create video clip or movie in Full HD resolution.

The Canon EOS M2's built-in Wi-Fi can be used both for image transfer to a tablet or smartphone, and for remote control using Canon's free 'EOS Remote' app. EOS Remote is compatible with iOS and Android, but it does not guarantee the operation in all models.
Images can be viewed on a DLNA-compliant media player, and if users have a Wi-Fi-enabled printer, photos can also be sent wirelessly for printing. 
Canon EOS M-2, new canon mirrorless, new mirrorless camera, full HD, Wi-Fi, Hybrid CMOS sensor, new canon
Canon EOS M2 compare with other mirrorless cameras. Image: theverge.com
The Hybrid CMOS II sensor promises 2.3x faster autofocus, and its phase detection pixels cover a substantially larger area of the frame - approximately 80% overall. 

The Canon EOS M2 comes in black or white with a kit lens at US$820, or you can choose the body alone for around US$ 627. The closest competitor of the Canon EOS M2 is the Sony NEX-6, Nikon and Fuji X V2-M1, so that you can compare the EOS M2 with those brands, so you can make the right decision.

You can check the price of this sophisticated camera at the nearest camera shop in your town or in the online store and it will be sold as body only, or with one, two or three kit lenses. You can take advantage of the Chinese New Year atmosphere to get the discounted price. Who knew you could get a special package, for instance a camera body with two lenses coupled with large-capacity memory cards, such as 16GB. Perhaps in the era of horse you can get lucky.