Microsoft has prepare a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 for Obama

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Obama and his gadgets. Image: 37prime.com
Barrack Obama, a president of a superpower country turned out to complain with his Smartphone capabilities have today.

Is Obama is tired using a BlackBerry? Though he was in love with the BlackBerry, even before he was elected as president. Why did not he try the latest Motorola, or smartphone from China such as Oppo N1. Is Obama worried when his smartphone hacked or intercepted by spies from China, North Korea, Russia, or the Middle East?

This is the complaint of the president: "In the Oval Office, I always thought I would be able to find a cool phone, along with all the cool features. The current mobile phone seems to have not viable for the American President. I imagine a phone with special button, special features and wide screen. And until now it has not materialized.
Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Oppo N1, new smartphone, anti hack, anti tap, new smartphone for obama
A tweet from Microsoft for Obama. Image: winrumors.com
Do you also have a similar complaint with the U.S. president? Obama complaint is heard by Microsoft, thus promoting the Windows Phone 7 to Barrack Obama. It can be seen from the Twitter account of the president's mention Microsoft by offering a WP7 phone for him.

If Obama likes of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, then it would be a very advantageous advertising for Microsoft. But it would be otherwise if it turns out Obama rejects Microsoft's intentions and did not respond.

Is Microsoft going to make a special edition smartphone for Obama? For example, Microsoft will make the anti hack, or the anti-tapping? Of course all the communication activities of the president should not be known by the enemies and spies of foreign countries. If Obama wants to have a smart phone and anti-tapping, then Obama could order the smartphone to Indonesia. Indonesia reportedly has been able to make it, but have not sold commercially.