Nikon D5300 and Nikon D610 ready shocking photographer

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Nikon D5300 and D610 rumor. Image: newshome.us
Nikon rumored that Nikon has set up a replacement from Nikon D5200 is: (let’s call it D5300). The camera is expected to be introduced with the successor to the D600 is rumored to be carrying some new features.

It added that the Nikon D5300 will be equipped with features such as built -in Wi-Fi and GPS were not previously found in the Nikon D5200. The Nikon D5300 will most likely carry the latest Nikon image processor. Processor called EXPEED 4 likely was first present on the D5300 camera.

 If true then for the first time an image processor was introduced on a DSLR middle class rather than first class product. This is good news for budding photographers to be able to use the camera with top -class processor at an affordable price.

Nikon D610 a new full frame camera

Nikon D600 attracted enough attention from the photography enthusiasts. No wonder since this is the first DSLR from Nikon that combines a Full Frame sensor in a camera with a more affordable price. This combination has been long awaited by many parties. 
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Nikon D5200 and lens. Image: cameraegg.org

If this is the camera that this one has a successor that is roughly what will be added on a camera that seems to have been perfect for a lot of people? Begin rumors floating in cyberspace called the D610 camera.

Based on a special website that contains rumors about Nikon cameras you can see the specs of the Nikon D610 as mentioned below:

·         24.3 MP Full Frame Sensors
·         ISO Range 100-6400
·         39 AF Points with 9 cross type
·         100% viewfinder coverage
·         HD Video recording
·         3.2 inch LCD Screen
·         Dimension: 141 x 113 x82 mm

If we look at the specifications above shows that the D610 has the ability identical to its predecessor. So what improvement offered by this camera? If the specification is not seen significant improvement, most likely a change occurs in an increase in the construction of the camera itself. But certainty about the complete features and specifications that we should wait until there is an official announcement from Nikon. 
Nikon AW1, underwater camera, nikon rumor, digital camera, mirrorless camera
Nikon AW1, underwater camera for adventure. Nikonrumors.com

 If you cannot wait, you can consider Nikon AW1, a mirrorless camera which is the first waterproof camera in the world. If you need a camera that can be used to photograph the beauty of the coral reefs or underwater, then Nikon AW1 can be a good friend when you are adventurous diving in Nusa Penida,Bali or in the waters of Mexico.