Nismo, unique smart watch by Nissan

Nismo Watch, new smart watch, real smart watch, special watch for Nissan
Nismo Watch. Image: techradar.com
You must have known smart watches have been manufactured by Casio, Apple, Samsung, Sony and many more. Nissan, the Japanese automaker also enlivens smart watches industry. If you want to look like James Bond with the latest Nissan vehicles, may need to consider to use Nismo Watch from Nissan. 
 Nismo watches will target different segments, the Nissan Nismo car drivers, but if you do not already have a Nissan car, you are also entitled to have it. Perhaps Nissan will add features for you who do not have a Nissan car.

Nismo detect your heart beat, smart watch, smart watch for Nissan driver
Nismo detect your heart beat. Image: argusdesmontres.com
The Features that you will find on Nismo Watch any different, because it is not designed to connect to a smart phone, but to communicate with motorists.

Some things you can do Nismo Watch, among others, can access features that use Bluetooth in the vehicle:

• Accessing Data performer when the car is running.
• Recording biometric data motorists via heartbeat.
• Monitor the efficiency of vehicles by recording the average speed and fuel consumption.
• Can be used as a medium to get information directly from Nissan.

Nissan also claims that smart watches they can connect with a variety of social media such as Istagram, Facebook and Twitter. Watch the full specifications about Nismo cannot be seen, but with the features mentioned above, then you will look different among motorists. We look forward to whether Nissan will be able to make smart watches like its competitors.


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