Is the Duet Nokia-Microsoft can beat Android and iOS?

Nokia and Microsoft, Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Image: nokiagadgets.com
Microsoft has acquired several divisions in order to increase market share of Nokia Windows Phone in the future.

 When Nokia was alone, without a duet with Microsoft, Nokia making tremendous inroads over Asha and the Lumia line of smartphones, Nokia leading the sales of smartphones based on Windows Phone.

According to IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, the battle between operating systems on mobile phones will increasingly fierce. Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone still dominate, but there will be the operating system that is expected to soar in 2017. We will wait what operating system will be the black horse in the future, and might threaten the operating system that you know today.

The competition
IDC predicts there will be little change and competition in 2017, although Android and iOS are still in second place. The bad news, Android's market share will decline by about 7 percent from 75.3 percent, to 68, 3 percent, but iOS rose from 16.9 percent to 17.9 percent.

There is exciting news for Microsoft because there are predictions that the market share of Windows Phone will be increased significantly by 6.3 percent, from 3.9 percent to 10.2 percent. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry OS in 2017 predicted decline of 2.7 percent to 1.7 percent. There is a temptation of the observer, should immediately use the BlackBerry operating system Android and BlackBerry Messenger since its maintaining very large, especially in Indonesia.
Microsoft join with Nokia, Windows Phone, smartphone, Nokia Lumia, New Nokia Lumia, Nokia Asha
Nokia honeymoon with Microsoft. Image: techfever.net
Development and attractiveness Windows Phone reminds us at the beginning of the emergence of the Android operating system. When it had to compete with Android and iOS BlackBerry, even Barack Obama is known as a loyal BlackBerry user before he became President of the United States. Evidently, with a range of innovative and availability of applications, ultimately successful Android operating system dominate the smart phone in the world.

Nokia is now fully associated with Microsoft. Is this honeymoon will always be sweet though will compete in the middle of the bitter rivalry many operating systems, there is even a prediction of the emergence of the black horse as the operating system that will appear in the middle of this battle.

Nokia-Microsoft could be a powerful duet
Nokia connecting people, Nokia Lumia, Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia now is fully connecting with Microsoft. Image: digitaltrends.com
Rapid growth of Windows Phone is one of them driven by Nokia with the Nokia Lumia series is now more famous, because of the presence of Nokia Lumia 1020. IDC also revealed that 82 percent of the 8.7 million Windows Phone devices are the Nokia Lumia shipments to many countries.

Nokia and Microsoft now have a duet, and then they are a strong partner operating systems and world-class smart phone makers. Is this mix will also be a combination of performance management with designers, software engineers and marketers who are also cohesive team? Which will be by you as a user, marketing strategy, service, good prices and of course the ability to innovate in order to confront the Android, iOS and the black horse is still mysterious.

Do you know the name of the black horse?