Simple tips how to choose Power Bank for your tablet, digital camera and smartphones.

Are you happy with your power bank?
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Power Bank or often also called the Portable Charger is now the best alternative to avoid the problem of lack of power. The more sophisticated your gadgets the more wasteful of batteries, due to the need to load the features. When the use of smart phones, tablets in an activity, your gadget batteries run out, oh certainly not enjoyable.

 It's definitely frustrating because it interferes with the activity. Especially for adventure travelers or anyone who likes to carry a smartphone or tablet in faraway places or in outdoor activities, in the middle of a forest or valley where you need to capture the beautiful moments, and then the battery runs out. Of course you will be dizzy and annoyed. As a businessman you will also be bothered if you run into this problem. That's why you for sure need a portable charger. Are you already thinking about the possibility of running out of battery?

Unfortunately, quite a lot of power users aggrieved bank. Turns power to the banks that have bought quite expensive price does not match the battery gadget owned some are broken in a short time. Then, how to choose the right Power bank so can safe for your device.

1. Understand your gadget and the capacity of Power Bank.
This is most important; you have to know for sure the battery the capacity of your gadget. Do not let you buy Power bank who have less power than battery power your gadgets. For example, the iPhone 4S battery with 1,432 mAh of power, for the iPhone 4S battery can charge up to full power requires banks with a minimum of 1,432 mAh. If you want to charge twice, at least should use minimal power Power bank with 2,864 mAh. If you travel frequently, it is recommended to use a power bank with high power the capacity of, e.g. 5600 mAh.
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2.  Power Bank features.

• Some users may think that the Power Bank only as a means of charging the battery, while the Power Bank has some features related to your gadget. Therefore, choose the Power Bank which has the following features:

a. Protection of short circuit. As we know fires are often caused by a short circuit. Choose a bank that features a power cut power when a short circuit occurs.
b. Protection of overcharge. We need the Power bank can automatically cut off the electricity when charging the battery is full, because overcharge will certainly shorten the life of the battery bank either battery the power or battery gadget.
c. Protection from high temperatures. This gadget is very important so you do not have problems, as well as your battery.
d. Auto Off feature - for the safety of your iPhone, Blackberry or Android gadgets, make sure you buy Power bank that is equipped with Auto Off feature. With this feature, when your phone battery is fully charged, the charging process of Power bank will automatically stop, so that it can prevent these undesirable things such as over-charging or overheating.
3. Notice of the power bank battery Cells. Make sure the battery in the Power Bank is genuine and not refurbish. Completeness of the Power Bank should have the A / C, connectors, light indicator and other equipment that support the performance.

4. Do not be dazzled by the price too low so that you do not regret it.

If you choose the right power bank, then you will secure your gadgets from a serious problem.


patrick said...

Thank you guys! I followed this tips and finally I found the iphone powerbank.

megha sharma said...

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Varun Reddy said...

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Thrikanth Thris said...

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