FunFx photo editing for iOS smartphone users

FunFx application for iOS user, photo editing, photo editing for iOS smartphone
FunFx application. Image: addictivetips.com
Are you also crazy about digital imaging or edit the photos on your smartphone? If you are an iPhone user, then you need to be happy to edit photos and make creative photographs. We have had many photo editing apps for iOS with amazing features and capabilities.

A lot of applications that offer additional capabilities effects, color and sharpen the image so it is more attractive than before, but seldom photo editing application for iOS that offers image selection feature so that users can make adjustments or modifications in certain areas.

FunFx for iOSImage: addictivetips.com
The ability as mentioned above is offered by FunFx applications. This application not only offers editing and effects capabilities, but also provides the freedom and convenience to the user to make the selection area of ​​the image and then applying effects or adding text in a particular area.

To add text, you can click the menu number three on the menu at the bottom of the screen, then you select the desired color, then you can perform a variety of modifications to the obtained results that match your to your need. In addition to text, you can also crop or edit the selected section with various effects or other modifications that exist in the FunFx application. 

FunFx application has 100 filters that you can use. The filters can be separated into several categories in order to facilitate the user in choosing one. You can download the application at a price of $ 0.99. Not too expensive right?

However, you can download other applications, perhaps more powerful than FunFx applications. You also can get free apps; even free apps can also give you a variety of features and interesting photo editing capabilities, so you can make a creative photo with your iPhone.