BlackBerry Messenger will appear on Android and iOS smartphones

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Android Phones. Image: earticlessite.com
Application famous conversation from RIM, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will be used in all platforms, on Android as well in iOS. BlackBerry fans will certainly excited by the news of this BlackBerry. If you are bored with your BlackBerry smartphone form, so now you can switch to another brand of smartphones such as the iPhone and various smartphones that use Android as an operating system. Android and iOS users can also chat with BlackBerry users Z10 and other BlackBerry series. The good news as mentioned above announced by Thorsten Heins, Chief Executive Officer of the BlackBerry. 

BlackBerry Z0 white. Image: crave.cnet.co.uk

BBM on iOS and Android you can enjoy in the summer of 2013. No one expected that the BlackBerry finally removed the "exclusive rights" over the fuel can be used for platforms other than BlackBerry smartphone (RIM). This surprise is good news for anyone who likes to pass the time to chat with family, business contacts and friends individually or with a friend of a friend who joined the BBM group.

Heins explains all the functions of fuel that previously only existed in the BlackBerry will be used in the iOS and Android platform. Definitely exchange information, inspiration, jokes and pictures will be more enjoyable. As we know, BBM or Blackberry Messenger is a social networking service that is very popular among users of BlackBerry gadgets. 
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iPhone 6 concept. Image: unlockboot.com

Although  there are many similar applications such as Line, Yahoo Messenger and Whatsapp, however, BBM has features that are not owned by the application competitors. If you are using BBM, you can see a feature "D" (Delivered) and "Read" (It reads) that allows the sender know the message is entered and legible.

Are you going to soon buy BlackBerry Z10 or you will buy the smartphone from Apple or Android-based smartphone that will appear in the summer, so you can enjoy BBM with BlackBerry users and the Android enthusiast and smartphones create by Apple such as the iPhone 6.