Android Operating System in 2013

Android new OS in 2013
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Android Phones.  Image: androidnewsindia.com
Android has rocked the toughness of operating systems various smart phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows 8 from Microsoft and other systems that once you know or you are using. Operating system creations of android has evolved from version cupcake (Android version 1.5) to version 4.1 or better known as Jelly Bean.

If you notice, the names of food or something that you can eat has been used as the name of the operating system Android. Such names would indeed invite you to eat or enjoy an ice cream with Android flavors. 

Let's look at the names of the Android operating system from the old names to the newest is as follows:

Android Cupcake
Android 1.5 or Android Cupcake version was launched after the success of version 1.1 by Google. One of the Android Cupcake capabilities is able to record and watch videos with the camera mode and upload the video to YouTube and pictures to Picasa from mobile phone directly.

Android Donut
Android Donut version 1.6 is capable of displaying the search process better than before and the battery usage indicator. After Google launched the Android version 2.0/2.1 version is known as Froyo or Frozen Yoghurt. Changes that occur in this Froyo are Adobe Flash 10.1 support, application installation in SD card, portable Wi-Fi capability. This version is also reliable to perform auto update in the Android app market.
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Android Tablet. Image: talkandroid.com

Do you like ginger? Android also launched the Android version 2.3, known as Gingerbread. Of course there is an increase in the ability of this system is the copy and paste functions and capabilities of NFC (Near Field Communication) which will allow you to perform a variety of communication activities.

  If you have extra money, then you can choose Android version 3.0 or 3.1 that you surely know, that is specifically designed for Honeycomb Android tablets. Android version 3 supports multiple processors and hardware acceleration for graphics in particular.
Then stepped Android version 4.0 with more advanced capabilities where version 4.0 is known as Ice Cream Sandwich. In this version there are new features including facial recognition unlock with, for E-Mail offline, and various information by utilizing NFC features that you find on the Gingerbread version.

You should be ready with the new OS from Android

Does Android have you satisfy? It turns quickly launch Android version 4.1 or Jelly Bean. This version is able to improve the design of a new keyboard input and searching. A very attractive power of Google Now also updated so you can see traffic information, the results of sporting events, even weather reports.
Android vs BB vs iPhone, Windows 8, BlackBerry, Symbian
Android Versus BlackBerry and iPhone. Image: dbdesigns.com

Will there be a new surprise of Android? There were whispers that warm again that the latest Android operating system using the initials "K". 

QUALCOMM inadvertently spread the name of the Key Lime Pie when doing a presentation, so many are speculating and believe that Android's operating system will launch with the name of Key Lime Pie. Is the Key Lime Pie is really going to be the Android code in the near future?

If you are a fan of smart phone and tablet products that use the Android operating system, you may need to be patient to replace your gadget to a higher level degree. What is clear competition in the world of gadgets will be more exciting, and we as users are savvy now more freely to choose between Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8 or any other operating system for tablets or smart phones that will be used daily work for a variety of needs, business or entertainment.