Understanding the Advanced Features on BlackBerry Z10

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New BlackBerry. Image: technobuffalo.com

BlackBerry Z10 appears to the market with a touch screen. Manufacturers issued a phone with two colours, namely black and white. BlackBerry Z10 features a micro HDMI out port for presentations, and advanced sensors such as NFC (Near Field Communications) to support mobile payments and the exchange of information with just a single tap of the smartphone. Is it true that this latest BlackBerry to become smarter?

BlackBerry Z10 is equipped with 1.5 GHz dual core processor with 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. There is also a memory card slot that can be upgraded and supports cards up to 64GB. This smart phone also has a new addition to the high pixel density and display technology to display clear images, sharp, and very much alive.

A number of advantages other mobile platforms used are summarized in the BlackBerry 10. The company claims the platform is robust and reliable, and always provides a smooth and responsive. BlackBerry 10 has a modern design and motion-based interfaces are very easily detected. The platform also offers a number of features that can help mobile phone users in the move.

Features BlackBerry Hub, the first created, a single place to manage all user conversations, email both personal and work email, messages from BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), social media notifications, and the ability to "peek" into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere. In terms of communication, BBM features on BlackBerry 10 features the voice calling and video chat.

Then there's BlackBerry Flow is a feature in which mobile users can experience the advantage of experience with BlackBerry 10 to enable features and applications that are able to move smoothly together and help users complete tasks easily and efficiently. For example, the user can press the list of participants for a meeting to see new tweeter or their LinkedIn profile. There's also BlackBerry Balance technology that is elegantly able to separate and maintain a work function applications and data from personal content on a BlackBerry device.

In addition, this smart phone also features Time Shift. It is a feature of cameras that allows the user to take a group photo, when everyone smiles with his eyes wide open. There are also features that Story Maker allows phone owners produce HD movies from a collection of photos, videos, which coupled with music and effects. BlackBerry Z10 is equipped with two cameras on the front which has a resolution of 2 MP, and rear camera of 8 MP with a density that is equipped with LED flash.

In this latest BlackBerry you can also enjoy the BlackBerry Balance technology, so you can keep working and sorting out the application data from personal content. This feature is very important to keep your data.
Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone
Blackberry and competitors. Image: mashable.com

There are still some other advanced features that are a mainstay Z10 BlackBerry: BlackBerry World Storefront that will pamper you to download a variety of applications such as a catalogue of over 70,000 music, video and so on. You will still live even in media social network like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn. Sure you can surf the Internet smoothly on this Canada's smartphone because it is supported by HTML 5, so you can comfortably perform zooming or scrolling with a responsive and fast. 

You can compare the more advanced features of the BlackBerry is the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Sony Xperia, HTC and other advanced smartphones. Who will win the competition in the smartphone battle and gadgets? In the middle of this year or before the end of 2013, we will know what the brand is going to win and achieve peak positions of the sale, the ability of the features and capabilities of the technology.