The launch of Microsoft Surface confusing Acer

tablet PC, Acer Tablet
Microsoft Surface. Image: Microsoft.com
Do you have plans to buy a tablet PC? Maybe you are interested in buying a tablet with an operating system of Windows. Now been circulated laptop and tablet with Windows 8. Perhaps you are confused by the variety of products offered. Manufacturers tablet also confused. Since Microsoft announced Windows 8 and Surface, Acer endlessly criticizes. Acer criticism highlights Microsoft's move into the hardware industry is as something of a misnomer.
Of course Acer opposed, the article, if Microsoft jumped into the hardware market, Acer has long partnered with Microsoft automatically be dealing directly as a rival. 

Acer confusion is understandable. Acer President Jim Wong also threw criticism. He said the way the software giant is promoting Surface very confusing consumers. "Promotional products are very focused on the keyboard. Users do not really know how to maximize the touch screen experience," Wong said as quoted from Softpedia, Wednesday (08/01/2013).
According to him, this is very disappointing. However, they still have to work with Microsoft to obtain consumer feedback, to find out what works and what does not on the product. Are Asus and other brands that use Windows 8 is also angry like Acer?
Acer, Microsoft tablet
Acer Tablet. Image: rm.com

There are a lot of messages delivered in the same time: Windows 8, Surface, RT. Wong added that the sales performance of Windows 8 so far disappointing. However, both Acer and Microsoft are hoping their performance can still be improved and will be better in the future. In addition to Wong, Chief Marketing Officer Acer Michael Birkin said, Microsoft has made the wrong decision to promote Windows 8 and Surface RT concurrent.

Acer CEO JT Wang also raised criticism, saying that Microsoft's efforts go into the hardware industry is tantamount to an attempt to kill its manufacturing partners. "They are doing something to kill the entire ecosystem. They could kill everyone," said Wang. "They think they need to do something aggressive to compete with Apple and does not rely on brands such as Acer," said Wang.

Are you confused too? Is this confusion will make the price of Windows 8-based tablet will be cheaper than Android? Perhaps Apple could exploit this confusion to launch a new generation of iPad is better and cheaper. Consumers just hope that the price of the tablet more affordable and manufactured with high quality.