Micro Four Third cameras will be shining

Black magic camera mft camera, digital camera, MFT camera
Blackmagic MFT cinema. Image: proavsolutions.com.au

Micro Four Third cameras will be more shine in the coming years. Olympus and Panasonic as the founder of the system of Micro Four Third (MFT) announced that four new companies have joined the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group. This makes MFT as a camera mount system with most members, as we know, the big players such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony have a system of their own mount. Both approaches of course there are advantages and disadvantages of each. To be sure the system will become more varied MFT, seen from the participating companies have different characteristics, but they will use the same lens mount. It is interesting to wait. Are you ready?

For your information, you will need to know the companies that are now synergistic MFT camera to make more successful in the future:
micro four third camera, panasonic lumix camera
Image: techcentral.my

·         Blackmagic Design - an Australian company founded in 1984 that produces high quality electronic equipment for the broadcast and video production, known for their Cinema camera with MFT mount.
·         JK Imaging Ltd - an American company that was founded in 2012, recently announced their first camera with an MFT camera brand Kodak.
·         Photron Limited - a Japanese company founded in 1968 that provides manufacturing, sales and service of professional film and video equipment and photo-instrumentation.
·         SVS-Vistek GmbH - a German company founded in 2001 that develops, manufactures and distributes professional engine system components.
·         ViewPLUS Inc. - A Japanese company founded in 1998 that provides video equipment and solutions that connect communication and image processing and sensing technologies.

With this synergy, Digital SLR cameras have managed to create a camera with more features and advanced technology, and of course can be purchased at a more competitive price. Novice photographers are not always going to buy a digital SLR camera that is considered troublesome because of heavy and expensive. How about you? Are you going to switch from Digital SLR camera to Micro Four Third?