Pentax K-01 with fantastic HDR feature

Pentax K-01 digital camera, pentaxian, pentax camera
Pentax  in 3 colors. Image: the-marketeers.com

Pentax announced the new K-01 camera designed by Marc Nerson known as the designer of a variety of objects from furniture and household products such as bicycles, cars airplanes and cruise ships.

K-01 sports 16 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Image Sensor's 3-inch LCD. PENTAX also features anti-shake sensor-shift and dust reduction system compatible with Pentax lens mount and offers a 6fps burst mode for fast action photography. Pentax K01 has a good depth of color and quality primes impressive. That's what we feel when took a few days with 40.0mm lens. Bokeh of the camera will make you fall in love.

pentax lens, Pentax K-01 lens
Pentax K01 plus lens. Image: stevehuffphoto.com

Now features High Dynamic Range or HDR is known has been widely adopted in a variety of new camera output. Even in the last two years, HDR developed more creative pictures. That is, do not just take some pictures in a single snap to produce a balance of images in a frame by increasing the area of ​​the dark to lighter and less bright areas. But further enhance the contrast and color saturation so it looks like a painting. Pentax K01 has HDR option, the Auto HDR, HDR-1, HDR-2 and HDR-3.
HDR feature, pentax HDR picture camera, HDR image
Image: techradar.com

Pentax K01 proved to have reliable power in performance. With built-40mm lens a unique design and the thinnest in the world, you can produce high quality images and sharp. Depth of field is generated impressive. Moreover, this camera already supported 6 frames per second burst and the HDR option. 

This camera is not only give impressive picture, but also the ability to support full HD video and the quality of the resulting sharp.

Pentax K-01 provides ISO 100-25600 and Focus Peaking mode which provides fast and accurate manual focus to focus on critical applications. The camera is capable of recording Full HD 1080 video at 30fps. K-01 can be purchased for around $ 749.95.