Confused to choose between Nikon D7000 and Canon EOS 60D

Are you getting confused when choosing a Digital SLR camera?

Digital SLR camera, Canon EOSThe novice or professional photographers must have been familiar with the comparison and competition between Nikon and Canon, especially in the category of Digital SLR cameras. On this occasion we will see the comparison between the Nikon D7000 with Canon EOS 60D. Nikon D7000 is the successor to the D90). Canon EOS 60D (arguably the successor to the EOS 50D, even in some aspects of the real successor to the EOS 50D is the EOS 7D). Although in the beginning I have to say that both are equally good, however a surgical feature of both makes us curious right?  

Viewed from appearances, the D7000 seems a little smaller than the 60D. The main difference is instead of the material body material, which the D7000 using magnesium alloy, while the Canon EOS 60 D using polycarbonates resin.

Nikon Digital SLR camera

 Both cameras have a similar design, especially how the placement of the dial, and the LCD screen on the top. Nikon middle class Digital SLR camera has the play button on the front, which can be played with your index finger, while Canon has always put the play button near the shutter button.

Nikon D7000 kit lens a little shorter than the 60D kit lens, while the Canon EOS 60D kit lens looks longer. The design of the 60D's LCD screen is not rectangular, while the D7000 seems to grip design is smaller and narrower than the 60D. On-off button on the D7000 as usual encircling the shutter button, while the 60D is now putting on-off button near the mode dial, which is on the left.

The major difference is visible from the rear button layout. D7000 has four buttons that lined the left side of the screen, while the 60D with the screen folding system makes it unlikely any buttons on the left of the screen. Control of swivel on the back which is operated by the thumb is different in design, where the 60D using wheel system like other professional grade Canon DSLR.
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Nikon D7000 on paper is superior about the auto focus and metering, with 39 AF points (9 cross type them) and 2016 pixel metering, plus an accurate 3D AF tracking. On the other hand the EOS 60D only has 9 AF points are all cross type (even EOS 7D only has 19 point AF) is to rely 60D metering 63 zone metering area. In the real world, a high figure indeed allows better accuracy, but the outcome depends on the photographer creativity and shooting conditions.

Pro on the Nikon D7000

One thing is indisputable perceived professional image while viewing and using the D7000. Solid body, covered with a weather seal, and a dual memory slot indicates the camera is able to count on the professionals. The other thing is the presence of the various buttons and controls directly the preferred professional photographer.

Pro on the Canon EOS 60D

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If the purpose of buying a DSLR is to be maximized in recording video, the 60D outperform the D7000 in that respect. With an LCD screen that can be folded and rotated to make a video recording (and also photographed a live-view mode) is easy and convenient. Not to mention the 60D gives various options for the resolution of the following video frame rate up to its maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 30fps.

Little downside in the Nikon D7000

There is no ivory that is not cracked. Some small things are unfortunate enough to complete D7000 cameras include no histogram during live view (even all compact cameras can do this) and did not display the ISO value in the optical viewfinder (otherwise, the EOS 60D can).

Canon EOS 60D minor drawbacks

For a camera that inherits all the features of the EOS name 'double-digit' should not eliminate Canon AF micro adjust feature on the 60D. Without this feature, some lenses having front focus or back focus cannot be recalibrated (You can use this feature in the D7000).
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So, which one is better Nikon D7000 or Canon EOS 60D?

Both cameras are equally solid, can have as your first camera or you want to upgrade from the previous series. Photos and videos produced both cameras have equivalent quality. The sensor is able to be used for both print high resolution and video features of this camera is sufficient to make a professional impression clips. The performance of both is also quite fast, especially if the wearer can maximize buttons, rotary controls and levers are located on different sides of the camera.

 Image: digitalversus.com
Nikon D7000 should be more accurate in matters of auto focus and metering, although the 60D is not exactly lost in the application in the field. If you want to buy a camera today, the choice is better addressed with reference to the existing budget, plans to use the front camera (more outdoor or just in the studio or in the room/indoor), plans to buya lens pair (when bought body-only). Do you need a folding LCD screen or not? If you already understand your needs, then you do not have to worry when to take a decision.

 I've used Nikon and Canon, and I loved them both, but I will not tell you which camera I use a lot more. Let it be my secret, so you are free to choose Nikon or Canon, you can even choose other brands such as Pentax K-5, Panasonic GH2 or Sony Alpha A77.

I want to give a conclusion, but I do not want to ask you to choose the Nikon D7000 or EOS 60D. In my view both cameras can be your friend for a vacation, business, photographing family events, model photo shoot in the studio, making creative photos and any photo sessions. All depends on you. Remember the old adage "man behind the gun". If you are serious about photography, then the sky is the limit of your creativity.