Windows Phone 8 is ready to compete in the gadget world

At the launch of Windows Phone 8. Image: arstechnica.com

Are you looking for a new smartphone to replace your old mobile phone? You now have a new option from Microsoft, called Windows Phone 8. Despite competition from the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android-based smartphones, Microsoft is still excited to compete in the world of gadgets or smartphone in the world.   

Brief History

  We still remember the 2000 Microsoft introduced the first operating system is Pocket PC 2000 with code "Rapier". This device is known as the "computer in hand" because it uses the core program (Kernel) Windows CE. At that time, the Pocket PC is designed with a QWERTY keyboard and comes with a stylus pen to navigate the screen. Pocket PC can do some capabilities that exist in a personal computer.
Image: cultofmac.com

A year later, in October 2001 Microsoft released a device codenamed "Merlin". This version is an end to the use of the name Pocket PC. Eventually, in 2003 Microsoft's smart phone operating system called Windows Mobile. And then, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, and the last in September 2009 appears Windows Mobile 6.5. This is the final version because Microsoft decided to change the name of Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, and starting from version 7. Well-known brand that uses this technology is Samsung Focus and HTC Surround in November 2010.

In May 2011, Microsoft Windows Phone updates codenamed "Mango". In the late 2011 is launch of Windows Phone 7.5. Nokia also released Nokia Lumia with Microsoft's operating system version 7.5. Microsoft also had to develop a Windows Phone 7.8 codenamed "Tango". Microsoft fix the bug that makes the virtual keyboard is often lost when the user is typing.
Image: microsoft.com

Finally, on October 29, 2012 Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 with some of the changes include: supporting the use of multi-core processors supports additional external memory cards and higher screen resolutions. Now you can enjoy a brighter screen. On Windows Phone 8 you can set the screen resolution to be very easy, WVGA (800x480 pixels), WXGA (1.280X768 pixels) or True 720p (1280x720 pixels).

Interesting Feature:

A new look

Windows Phone enthusiasts will be happy because the smartphone-style display interface of Windows 8 will preserved with characteristic shapes such as boxes of flooring, and of course colorful. You can now adjust the display screen as they pleased, reduced and enlarged. The display screen can also move like animation.

IE 10 Browsers

Windows Phone 8 original is use of the Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer version 10. The code is also very similar to the IE 10 for PC.

Fantastic screenshot
Nokia Lumia. Image: freshnessmag.com

If you want to photograph an image on the screen, we do not have to bother taking pictures with another camera because Windows Phone 8 has the ability to capture the current screen (screenshot) by pressing a special button.

Shopping in the Future

With the technology or feature NFC (Near Field Communication), we no longer need to carry cash, you simply bring the smartphone. This future feature built into Windows Phone 8.

Some well-known companies that are ready to bring smart phones based on Windows Phone 8 are Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Nokia. You have a very attractive option; you can adjust your style and your budget.