SX500 IS and SX160 IS Canon's new Duet

Image: t3.com
If you are going on vacation at the end of this year, then you can take a vacation with a new style. You can use a superzoom camera from Canon, the Canon SX500 IS. Canon also launched the Canon SX 160 IS. Both Canon products come with almost the same features and the only distinguishable on the shape of the body, lens and battery.

Image: theverge.com

Canon SX500 IS comes with a 24mm wide-angle lens capable of 30x optical zoom and Canon SX 160 IS comes with a 28mm wide-angle lens capable of 16x optical zoom as much. As for the battery, the Canon SX 160 IS uses two AA batteries which are more flexible while the Canon SX500 IS is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that can be recharged.

Both cameras are equally equipped with 16 megapixel resolution CMOS sensor with Canon's DIGIC 4 processor support as well as 3-inch LCD screen.

Fitted with IS technology (Image Stabilizer) to dampen vibrations caused by hand-shake, scene mode selection options and filter effects, to focus faster performance Canon also equip it with a new feature called Zoom Framing Assist.
Image: photoxels.com
 The latest technology from Canon is useful to speed up the framing and determine the focus when the lens at maximum zoom position. By pressing the Zoom Framing Assist button, the camera will automatically withdraw immediately re-adjust the lens and re-positioning the lens at a desired distance to do the framing and focus on a subject shot. This feature would be very useful if you want to shoot a lot of moving objects from a distance, such as an animal or a candid photo.

 Both cameras have great features and capabilities. You can choose one of them according to your needs and your budget.