Superzoom cameras from Olympus

Olympus superzoom camera, olympus camera

Image: cameraworld.co.uk
Olympus officially introduced two variants of the latest compact super zoom camera, the Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ and SP-720UZ. Both of these cameras are the latest generation of Olympus. The camera is presented for users who want to take an object in the distance that is difficult to reach if taken from close range. Olympus SP 820UZ  and SP720UZ and this is a super zoom camera.
Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ and SP-720UZ has been equipped with a CMOS-based sensor size of 14 megapixels. Zooming lens which is one of the key features on both cameras, and capable of reaching zooming up to 40x optical zoom SP-820UZ for the series, and a 26x optical zoom SP-720UZ for the series.
In addition, both Olympus can record video with 1080p picture quality, and each also has a 3-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 460k pixels.

Olympus digital camera, olympus SP zoom

Image: jumper99.blogspot.com

As for some of the features of the similarity of both cameras is the compact, sensor-shift image stabilization to prevent blur when taking pictures and the availability of support for SDHC memory card features Eye-Fi settings to make it easy to transfer images / video to other devices through internal wireless LAN connection.

 Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ has been marketed by Olympus in September 2012. You can buy Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ at a price of around U.S. $ 329.

In addition, the compact super zoom camera is available in two colors black and silver. Both cameras are multi fungi and suitable for vacation, family events and daily activities.