Knowing closer to Digital SLR Camera

First Digital Camera by Kodak. Image: laughingsquid.com
As you know, the digital camera is a technological development of film cameras (analog). We must thank Kodak, because Kodak is the pioneer of the creation of digital cameras that we know today. A Kodak engineer credited with inventing the digital camera has revealed how bewildered company executives couldn’t understand why anyone would ever want to look at images on a TV screen when he first proposed the idea of a ‘filmless camera’ to them in 1975. Now we use LCD monitor or LED TV screen to look the images.

 A post on Kodak’s Web site from 2007, written by Steve Sasson, the inventor of the digital camera, explains exactly how this camera was created, from a mishmash of lenses and computer parts and an old Super 8 movie camera.

Kodak film. Image: wkzo.com
 Analog Cameras
 In the days of analog cameras, SLR cameras only know one film size: 24mm x 36mm. In the era of digital SLR cameras, the camera uses sensors to replace the function of a piece of film. Image sensor in a digital camera is made with thousands of photosets that convert light energy into digital information. By combining information about colors and intensity, the camera sets a specific color to each pixel. 
Kodak Digital Cameras. Image:money.cnn.com
In light capture, analog cameras using two types of films are black and white (B & W) and color. Washing process and print the film is to translate the recorded object into a work of photo. The film has three screens emultion colors, each color reacts to the primary colors of red, green and blue. By mixing the three colors, the prints produced close to the actual color of the light on the film.

 Full Frame

  DSLR camera has two main versions: a full frame camera and crop camera (APSC and Four Third). Digital SLR cameras have precision internal components and more complicated. The principle works rely on a mirror that covers the sensor so that the image captured by the lens is reflected by a mirror into the viewfinder. When the shutter button is pressed, the mirror will drop so that the sensor gets the lens captured images and recorded it into a digital file. In the digital SLR camera is auto focus module that works on the principle of phase detection sensor with a focal point.            

Digital cameras.Image: lishamyersphotography.com

  Professional DSLR camera module in Auto Focus (AF) is complicated, and has many points of focus. Entry-level Digital SLR camera has AF module simpler, just three or five point AF. In addition to AF module, there is also a gauge called a light meter or light. The function light meter is to determine the shutter and aperture values ​​to be used in any lighting conditions. Module light meter DSLR camera relatively simple, so sometimes produce photo under or over exposure. Do not worry; you can overcome this problem with the exposure compensation. At some point the technology will be able to resolve this issue, so that beginners Digital SLR camera users will feel more confident. Professional DSLR cameras have a light meter module is very precise, so rare fumble in determining exposure.
                                                                                         Image: dear-sumire.blogspot.com
Live View

 In the first generation of DSLR cameras, the LCD screen is used only for displaying the images only, whereas only able to shoot through the viewfinder. With increasing development of advanced DSLR camera technology, now increasingly common DSLR camera with the ability to live-view, or display the preview image to be photographed through the LCD screen.

 As you have seen on Digital SLR cameras on the market, the ability of the better live-view, even many who use the LCD screen to make a film or video. Some camera manufacturers such as Canon have created a flexible LCD screen, so it is used to create a picture from a different angle difficult.

 Your choice                                                       Full Frame digital cameras. Image: killmydaynow.com
Technique of using a digital camera with manual settings is not much different in shooting techniques. In terms of the art of photography was almost the same. Lack digital camera / Digital Photo currently are that it does not have the facility of multi Exposure is photographed many times in a single frame.

Unlike digital cameras that immediately known the result. Photographing a moment using no analog camera called a second change.
The error was only discovered when the movie shooting is printed. Photographers should get an  interesting photo with the right moment, good lighting.
The aperture setting and shutter speed to be accurate,
it will produce a good photograph.
 Are you going to remember the past by using an analog SLR camera? Photographers who used to use analog cameras / film they could have experimented with unexpected conditions. Digital photos can be fixed or edited picture in the computer program so that the picture will look better.

      Now we can choose different types of digital cameras, sophisticated, many exciting features, various quotes, various size and uniqueness of each of the digital camera, then you are free to choose.                                       

                                                                                    Kodak moment. Image: pxlshots.com
Whatever brand you choose, every digital camera must have certain disadvantages, as well as the excellence of the camera's features and technologies that you will buy. If you study and practice seriously, then you can produce images from any digital  camera.

You can be creative with your camera. If you are not satisfied with the result, then you can use photo editing software to suit your needs and your imagination.
One day you will get your own Kodak moment. You and others will appreciate your photos.

*) This article is adapted from a variety of sources.