Canon EOS 5D Mark III

On the 25th anniversary since introduced the EOS system, Canon is proud to announce the newest model, the EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera. Positioned in a highly popular EOS 5D Mark II and top-of-the-line of the Canon EOS-1D Professional Model X, EOS 5D Mark III provide exceptional image quality. This is thanks to Canon's CMOS sensor 22.3 megapixel full-frame, high-performance DIGIC Imaging Processor 5 +, 61-point Autofocus System High Density reticular (AF) and continuous shooting speeds of up to 6 frames-per-second (fps).The presence of the successor to Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been eagerly awaited for a long time lovers of photography. However, the release of Canon’s full frame camera less quickly than other competitors likes the Nikon D800 which has been launched.

The shock of the EOS 5D Mark III also features enhanced video for professionals in the field of cinematography, television production and documentary filmmaking, including better noise reduction, longer recording time and built-in headphone jack for audio monitoring. EOS 5D Mark III included a new H.264 video compression format to simplify and speed up post-production work: intra frame (ALL-I) compression for editing-friendly format and IFS (IPB) compression for superior data storage efficiency, provide professional options to help achieve their ideal workflow. As X EOS-1D, 5D Mark III also includes two methods of embedding SMPTE time code-compliant, Rec Run and Free Run, which allows video recording from multiple cameras and a separate audio recordings that are synchronized together in post-production.

HDR mode

Features of the EOS 5D Mark III other is built-in HDR mode, merging the three images with different exposure levels into a single image, the camera, for stunning photographs of landscapes and architecture with improved tonal gradation beyond the naked eye. EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR inherits many features from the recently announced Canon EOS-1D Mark X, including + DIGIC Imaging Processor 5 and 61-point. Autofocus System High Density reticular (AF) up to 41 cross-type point and five point cross -type double, depending on the lens used. Enhanced processing power allows continuous shooting of up to six frames per second, exceeding the speed of the EOS 5D Mark II models more than 50 percent, and the defense of the weather improved EOS 5D Mark III is a serious option for sports and wildlife photographers.

Canon DIGIC exclusive 5 + Imaging Processor

EOS 5D Mark III features two new latest DIGIC Imaging Processor 5 + is 17 times faster than DIGIC 4. EOS 5D Mark III uses the extra speed is not just for good image quality, but also to add nine new features not present on the 5D Mark II. New features include six fps continuous shooting, the HDR and Multiple Exposure mode, build-in camera RAW processing, comparative playback function, Intelligent Auto mode type, two forms of compression of the film, and support for high speed UDMA Compact Flash Memory 7.Features and capabilities of Canon's incredible. You will enjoy using this camera for the activities of professional, amateur, leisure and business activities and other activities to support all your activities inside and outside the room. Will you be buying a Canon EOS 5 D Mark III or Nikon D800 or you choose Pentax K-30? All D SLR camera has a sophistication and weaknesses, but whatever your choice, make sure you check the budget, your needs now and in the future. 


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