Fantastic news from Nikon

Are you ready to create new pictures? Before you buy a new DSLR Camera, you should consider this new camera because Nikon has officially announced their latest DSLR- the D5100.

As a follow up to D5000, a discontinued DSLR model with a 12.3 megapixel sensor, the new D5100 will feature a 16.2 MP sensor- impressive for their advanced-beginner DSLR. Other new, innovative features of the D5100 include a “night vision mode” with stable ISOs up to 102400! However, Canon's somewhat surprising release of the Canon EOS 600D may be just what is required to spur Nikon into action. This is especially true as there is no new model with a vari-angle LCD and the new sensor.
The Nikon D5100 will of course be the vari-angle LCD model of the DX line-up and the LCD would need to flip out from the side like most other similar models. The main reason is that the flip down design of the D5000 simply does not work well once it's mounted on a tripod. Furthermore, this should allow the LCD size to remain at 3.0-inch and hopefully also delivering high resolution at 920k dots. Considering that Canon is already offering a 3.0-inch, high resolution LCD, this requirement of the Nikon D5100 is pretty much a given.

Finally there is the video mode. While the AF-F focusing is a welcomed feature, it is simply not quick or accurate enough for general shooting with shallow depth of field. It's expected that with the Nikon D5100, the focusing can be improved for even better results. Of course, serious movie makers will simply find this feature meaningless as they would need to be completely in control of the focusing to anticipate the scenes they want played out.

Will we see some form of digital zoom like the Canon EOS 600D; it's quite probable as the concept is already extremely prevalent in camcorders before it was introduced in the 600D.

Wow, the entry level DSLR camera competition will be very hot. It’s your right to choose a new DSLR camera to suit your needs.