Olympus E-620 a step higher than the entry-level class

I would like to introduce a fantastic a new DSLR camera with creative filters; Olympus E-620 is a DSLR camera with a variety of image processing effects feature called Digital Filter. This camera is slightly above the entry-level class but affordable. This unique camera has 12.3 megapixels sensor and equipped with Live View 2.7-inch screen and a full articulated as a high-end camera Olympus E-30, but the E-620 has a compact body and comfortable. This camera also has image stabilization feature that can be used with all lenses are installed.

Answering criticism of Olympus E-520, Olympus also creates a bigger viewfinder and 7 point AF system, and keeps an anti-dust system in E-620. Olympus has managed to create a camera that takes modern DSLR users. This camera is worth to choose from with affordable prices and you will get two kit lens option.

Another camera you should consider the Nikon D3000 is equipped with guide mode, so it is suitable for beginners who want to switch from a compact size digital camera to DSLR cameras. No need to rush, go to the mall and get a new camera brochure so that you have a reference before you decide to buy a new digital camera.