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This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara - Premiumbloggertemplates.com.

This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara - Premiumbloggertemplates.com.

This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara - Premiumbloggertemplates.com.

This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara - Premiumbloggertemplates.com.

Breaking News: 3D Camera

Do you want to replace your digital camera with FujiFilm W1? You can try a brand new 3D Digital Camera? FujiFilm develops a 3D camera that shoots two images and combines them into one. The company's system, called Real 3D, hopes to eliminate the need for glasses by using 3D displays and a 3D film that can be layered over prints.

After a series of development notices, the Fuji 3D system is now getting solidified with actual product announcements, the Fuji 3D W1 camera and the Fuji V1 3D frame! This is a system that is of interest or at least piques the curiosity of photographers and gadgetologists alike. So let's see what Fuji has cooked up for us...

Fujifilm W1 Specs:
- 10.0 million pixels
- 1/2.3-inch CCD x2 sensor
- MPO+JPEG, MPO (Multi Picture Format compatible)
- 3D-AVI (Stereo AVI format with 2 image channels)
- 2D AVI format (Motion JPEG with sound)
- Auto / Equivalent to 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 (Standard Output Sensitivity)
- Internal memory (Approx. 42MB) and SD/SDHC Memory Card.

This sleek-looking camera has two 10mp 1/2.3" CCD sensors and two 3X optical zoom lenses (35-105mm). We have to give Fuji credit for showing megapixel-restraint here. Now, the lenses may not be much in terms of zoom ratio when compared to traditional cameras, but building and synchronizing two lenses on 3D is no easy task!
The camera can take both 3D images and 3D movies.

In addition to the 3D features which are the existential raisin (rough translation of "raison d’être") of this camera, we applaud Fuji for taking advantage of this configuration to offer traditional (2D) photography some additional features, what Fuji calls Advanced 2D mode. This has different settings, for example, "Tele+Wide" allows you to take the same picture at different lens focal ranges. Also, the "color mode" allow you to record the same scene with different "tonalities", such as fujichrome or standard. You can also adjust the "sensitivity" settings between the two sub-systems. The press release barely scratches the surface, so we may have to wait for the user-manual or detailed previews/reviews to find out more about these!

Do you want to replace your gadgets?

Searching new Gadget and New Laptop or Tablet PC? Where are you going today? Holiday to Bali or back to business? You feel uncomfortable leaving home without your mobile phone or your Tablet. As a mobile person you need a notebook and a flash disk to show a better presentation to your clients. You send and receive SMS/MMS with a mobile phone which includes a 5 Mega Pixel Camera. You can choose smartphone that equipped whith Full HD video camera, so you can create movie or video. You can show your movie on smart TV or Full HD LED TV. 

Do you want to replace your mobile phone with a new cellular phone or smartphone with fantastic features such as: GPS, Bluetooth and 3.5 G or 4G plus music player and FM radio? 

Let’s go to electronic or computer stores in nearest mall or you go online, so you will find a lot of a brand new digital gadget. You must know your needs before you decide to buy one of them. Do you really want a new gadget? Is it necessary to own a sophisticated laptop? It’s a good idea if you compare all the brands before you make a decision to purchase a new electronic.

The electronic factory will create and improve their product every minute. Sometimes you have to wait until a right gadget match to your need. It’s also very wise if you go online and search to Google Search Box to learn a new product and compare it with other model.

Please check the features and specification of the product carefully. Don't forget to learn the operating system such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and other system. 

 Never purchase a thing by emotional decision. Talk to your friend who understands about the electronic stuff. Discus every detail about the gadget with them, so you will know what kind of gadget you really needs to buy.

Don’t forget to compare the price so you will pay with a reasonable price. If you buy a computer or a laptop make sure that you can upgrade the software and the hardware in the future. Sometimes people buy a gadget to use it as an entertainment and to support the daily business activity. This is another problem, because the price will be high, but if you spend your time to search in the Internet probably you find the right product and match to your dreams. Don’t worry. You live in the digital world. So, back to laptop and go online now and search your dreams.