Home Theatre with Ipod Dock

LG unveils HS33S, the newest 5.1 all-in-one home theater that complete with iPod docking system and this model boasts an iPod dock complete with a 5.1 virtual surround sound system. In addition to viewing your regular DVDs, you can also watch DivX videos in high definition on it, while the built-in up scaling technology will provide a few more miles left in your DVD's legs until Blu-ray discs take on the dominant role in the world of home entertainment, if ever. Other features include support for MP3s and CDs with the ability to rip audio CDs directly to MP3 as long as there is an external USB device connected to it. The price is not so expensive, and the cute girl also is not including if you buy it.

Remember to compare with other similar system such as Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Polytron, JVC, Samsung, etc.