Netbook: New Life Style

Now, there is a new mobile device variant called netbook, which is a small, light, energy saving, and relatively cheap netbook. Netbook has various functions which suit the mobile lifestyle and is able to do basic functions of computer such as image preview, word processing, and presentation, Internet, blogging, chatting, etc. Netbook combines economic operating system such as Linux, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, and others, with energy-saving processors such as Intel Atom, VIA C7, or AMD Geode. Therefore, the netbook price is affordable as Smartphone price.

You can fine new Netbook equipments that already in the market at the moment are ASUS Eee PC, Acer Aspire One, Dell E or Dell Vostro A90, OLPC XO-1, One A110, HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, Cloudbook, Classmate PC, MSI Wind PC, Samsung, Lenovo S9 and S10, and Via OpenBook. You can use your Netbook for personal needs, business, social networking, etc.

Do you want to replace your old Laptop? Go online now to search your new Netbook or go to your favorite computer store today.

Source: CBN News Letter and others.
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