Audio for cars

Do you really need to change your audio system in your car?

Most car owner always loves to change their original audio system in their car. Some of them still keep the original CD/FM system, but they replace the speakers and add with new subwoofer.

There are a number of factory audio systems that have good sound but didn't quite make the grade to be considered among the best. These include a few sports cars with great audio gear. However, their cabins tend to be significantly noisier than the best luxury cars. This resulted in a downgrade of their total system. In addition, there are the myriad of Bose systems offered in many cars. As good as they are, we find that the Bose systems we've heard impart a sonic signature that seems to emphasize the bass and a bit of the treble - not unlike a loudness contour. Attempts to mitigate the signature with tone controls were not entirely successful for us.

Mobile audio has come a long way. Stereo imaging, long the domain of home audio, has become an important factor in car audio - particularly now with the advent of DVD-Audio in car systems. The best systems are capable of a solid, stable stereo image from the driver's position as well as the passenger's position.
If there's a weakness in mobile audio systems, it's in the spectral balance. Many car audio systems tend to overemphasize the bass and treble, because manufacturer thinks that's what impresses most consumers. In the long run, however, the 'boom-hiss' sound is tiring. The best sound systems present a neutral tonal balance (so long as you resist the temptation to crank up the bass and treble controls). Do you prefer more bass or treble?

Do you really need to add a DVD, so you can watch your favorite movie?
Before you replace or upgrade your car audio system, you should know what kind of car that you have. The most important about this matter is that you must understand what kind of music that you always love to hear when you drive.

There are a lot of brand in the market such as: Pioneer, Blaupunk, Bose, Sony, Kenwood, Clarion, Panasonic, JBL, etc. You can combine your audio system with different brand and type. It’s a good idea if you discus your idea with your friend who really understand about car and audio before you decide to buy a new system.


Moses Okoth said...

hi, thanks for reading our blog, for Made in the streets. am planning to purchase a car soon. i have a thing for loud, yet moderate music...should i change the whole system in the car i will purchase, or should i buy a car that will have the whole system ready for use?

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